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Father-Hood.co.uk X Daddilife

Hello everyone, no time for chit-chat, as I’m currently in great demand outside the confines of this website. I’m serious. In addition to helping new mums on Mush, launching a series of working dad workshops and making regular appearances on BBC Radio 5 Live, I’ve just finished a stint as a guest editor of Daddilife.

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The pros and cons of quitting your job and becoming a freelance parent


Friends, Romans, countrymen, if you’re reading this article, then you have probably been there. And by “there”, I mean sitting at your desk, looking out of the window (or at the wall, if your office doesn’t have any windows) and thinking, ‘Stuff this, I’ve had enough. It’s time to hand in my notice, go freelance, spend more time with my family and generally live the dream.’

But is quitting your job and becoming a freelance parent really the land of milk and honey that mums and dads with a boss they hate/commute from hell/brilliant idea for a company/desire to work from home/dream of retiring before the age of 134 think it is? Read more