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If Toddlers Could Text: I’m Sorry, I won’t Do It Again

Remember my hilarious ‘If Babies Could Text’ series? Well, it has had a rebrand to reflect my son’s age and is now called ‘If Toddlers Could Text’ (see what I did there?). The first of the no doubt many toddler text messages I’m going to share with you is above. Enjoy.


Is it okay to lie to your children?

Ooh, I like this question. It’s relevant to all parents. It’s potentially controversial. And, best of all, there is a really obvious answer. Which is: lying to your children is 100%, completely and utterly, not okay. Job done. Question answered. Case closed. Post published. Pulitzer almost definitely in the post. Continue reading “Is it okay to lie to your children?”

5 more games for entertaining toddlers

Parents have a variety of goals. Some of these involve sleep, others revolve around toilet training and then there are the ones that concern entertaining toddlers without spending ANOTHER £6 on Continue reading “5 more games for entertaining toddlers”