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The day my son became the Fastest Kid in the World

Yesterday, my son became the Fastest Kid in the World. Some claim, I appreciate, but let me tell you a story.

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Father Hood’s guide to teaching a kid tennis

Father Hood's guide to teaching a kid tennis

Anyone for tennis? Yes, lots of mums and dads, actually. According to a recent survey conducted by sports insurance provider Insure4Sport, parents believe that tennis is the safest sport for kids to play. Having received many blows to the shin from my son’s racquet, I’m not sure I share this belief, but I do concur that tennis is a great sport to introduce your kid to.

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Are parents subconsciously sexist?

It started with a kiss. Not really. This week, the Bubster’s pre-school gymnastics class began with a light-hearted warm-up that included running around in a circle. As the kids were jogging into each other, I noticed something rather interesting. Namely: that my son was the only boy in the class of 14 three and four-year-olds, making the session 93% female and 7% male.

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Playing golf with a toddler – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

My name is Father Hood and I have been playing golf with my toddler once a week for the past six-eight months. It’s an activity that I love for three reasons. First, we do some real dad-son bonding. Second, I tend to get some great material for my Instagram feed. Third, the deli sandwich Topgolf sells is DE-LIC-IOUS.

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