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Parenting game – Nursery Drop Off Bingo

Nursery Drop Off Bingo Card

New week, new parenting game from Father-Hood.co.uk. This one is called Nursery Drop Off Bingo, it pokes fun at common (but true) nursery parent stereotypes and I expect everyone who has a pre-schooler to be able to cross off all the boxes by the end of the week. Good luck.

Dear Father-Hood: why does my kid cry at the nursery door?


Tears at the nursery door? To be honest, I’ve never heard of this concept, as my son is one of those rock-hard warrior kids. You know the type. They jump out of the car, swagger up to the nursery manager, give them a nod, run in and… …it’s all a big fat lie. Boy did our little man used to cry at the nursery door. He cried, wailed and then sobbed some more. And he did it during every single drop off for well over a year. Read more