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Dear Father Hood: are you ever worried that you’re doing it wrong?



Yes, I am. I mean, there’s all the SEO stuff to think about. And then I wonder if I am using the right Twitter hashtags. And then I worry about whether I should be doing more memes or GIFs. And then… wait, you want me to talk about parenting rather than blogging, don’t you? Continue reading “Dear Father Hood: are you ever worried that you’re doing it wrong?”


The grandparents are coming, the grandparents are coming


It’s fair to say the dual blow of my wife’s parents going to America for a month and my son’s nursery shutting down for its summer holiday has hit my wife and I pretty hard. And when I say pretty hard, I’m talking with more force than a Continue reading “The grandparents are coming, the grandparents are coming”

Dear Father Hood: what makes a nursery good or bad?


Do I look like I work for Ofsted? No, I don’t, but I guess that’s why you’re reading this post. After all, there is only so much detail you can digest before your mouth beings to trot out platitudes like: Continue reading “Dear Father Hood: what makes a nursery good or bad?”

Teething part II: this time it’s vocal


Just when my wife and I thought it was safe to boast about a guaranteed six hours of sleep per night, my son’s gnashers have begun playing up again. It’s an exasperating situation that’s left him both gagging on Calpol and refusing to accept Calpol. So, every six hours, we’re Continue reading “Teething part II: this time it’s vocal”

13 things I’ve learned about baby clothes


Ladies with an attitude. Fellows that were in the mood. Don’t just stand there; let’s get to it. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Midweek List. List. Oooh, you’ve got to let your words move with the music. Oooh, you’ve got to just let your grammar go with the flow. Ooooh, you’ve got to Continue reading “13 things I’ve learned about baby clothes”