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Another ace game for entertaining toddlers at the dinner table

As the above picture shows, even with the help of television, entertaining toddlers at the dinner table is a real challenge. Especially when they are bored or tired. Or bored and tired. Or bored, tired and in one of those moods when they appear to be hell-bent on making your life as difficult as possible.  Read more

Christmas lunch with a toddler: 5 table games that’ll help you get through it

Greetings fellow earthlings. ‘Tis the season to sit around a table ramming ourselves full to the brim with meat, veggies, stuffing, cheese, port, Christmas pudding, trifle, a variety of chocolate and whatever else we can lay our hands on.

In many ways this is exciting, but when you are the guardian of a living, breathing, screaming-fit-throwing 22-month-old it is also wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-in-a-cold-sweat daunting. Just how do parents make it through Christmas lunch with a toddler without raising their blood pressure to dangerous levels or losing the plot completely? Read more