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The glory of younger children’s mini achievements

Smiling. Rolling over. Crawling. Walking. Sleeping through the night. Talking. Toilet training. Learning to read. Preschool kids’ major milestones are well known, much discussed, and, quite rightly, well celebrated. But what about younger children’s mini achievements? Why do so few people talk about or laud them?

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How do I teach my kid colours?

No doubt about it, this is a fantastic query. But before we get on to the ins and outs of teaching your kid colours, I have a confession to make. This morning, while researching this article, I discovered something that shook me to my very core. It turns out that I, that I, that I… just say it, man. Fine. Here goes. It turns out that I have spent the last 35 years singing the incorrect words to the rainbow song. Read more