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10 things that get my goat

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. After a break of nearly four months, the infamous Father-Hood.co.uk midweek list franchise is indeed back. OMG, how exciting! This must mean that Father Hood has thought of more hilarious listicles to add to his side splitting back catalogue that includes 17 things I do more since becoming a parent, 9 things that make parents scream and 13 things I’ve learned about baby clothes. Continue reading “10 things that get my goat”

If babies could text Vol VII: mummy’s shoulder


I used to think I was a big fan with my wife’s shoulders. Then my son came along and raised the stakes. To say, he’s obsessed by this body part is an understatement. It’s a borderline addiction.

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Toddler selects appropriate outfit


A British toddler has shocked her parents by dressing herself in an outfit that was not totally and utterly ridiculous.

The bizarre incident took place at Rod and Tina Copthorne’s home in Cornwall last Saturday morning. “During breakfast, our threenager Olivia began whining about wanting to Continue reading “Toddler selects appropriate outfit”

Parent accepts child is to blame for incident at soft play


Workers at a popular soft play establishment are being offered specialist help after they were not forced to step in and resolve a disagreement between two parents.

Onlookers were expecting to see a classic Saturday morning barney when Continue reading “Parent accepts child is to blame for incident at soft play”