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Parenting satire: celebrity decides against writing children’s book

A celebrity who has recently become a parent has used his Twitter feed to announce that he has no intention of writing a children’s book. The shock revelation, which began trending at around 4.45pm last night, sparked rumours that Continue reading “Parenting satire: celebrity decides against writing children’s book”


And the Sunshine Blogger Award goes to: ME!

The sun has got his hat on hip-hip-hip hooray. The sun has got his hat on, and he’s coming out today. That’s right, everyone. For the first time in a very long time, the big yellow orb in the sky has found its way back to Britain. To celebrate this momentous happening Dads Tech Hub has kindly nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Continue reading “And the Sunshine Blogger Award goes to: ME!”

My parenting word cloud

Yesterday morning, armed with two hand whisks, most of the ingredients needed to make a sumptuous vanilla cake and an iPhone with a cracked screen, my son and I sat down to record the pilot episode of our cutting edge, genre redefining cooking show, “Baking with the Bubster”. Continue reading “My parenting word cloud”

Ode to a middle class nursery

Good morning! I feel like I’ve been up for hours. Partly, because I have (our son shattered my peace with a fly-kick to the ribs at around 6am, grrr). And partly, because I’ve been expending a significant amount of mental energy on my latest song for parents. This one is all about the nursery drop off and Continue reading “Ode to a middle class nursery”

10 things that get my goat

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. After a break of nearly four months, the infamous Father-Hood.co.uk midweek list franchise is indeed back. OMG, how exciting! This must mean that Father Hood has thought of more hilarious listicles to add to his side splitting back catalogue that includes 17 things I do more since becoming a parent, 9 things that make parents scream and 13 things I’ve learned about baby clothes. Continue reading “10 things that get my goat”