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Jobs for parents: 9 jobs parenting inadvertently trains you to do

At around 2am this morning, I was woken from a deep sleep and instructed to change my son’s bedsheets. What followed was not pretty. I walked into walls, I dropped pillowcases, I got lost in the duvet cover and I had to restart the process six or seven times.

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9 reasons parenting is the same as playing golf

Confession time. For the last three days, instead of slaving over a hot potty, I have been up in Scotland visiting family and getting my golf on at The 147th Open Championship. And while I’ve missed my wife and the Bubster like crazy, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with my dad’s latest news, recharge my batteries and work out that parenting and playing golf are pretty much the same thing. Read more

5 slightly creepy things all parents do

Inspiration can strike at bizarre times. Like when you are sniffing your child’s backside at the side of a swimming pool in Ibiza on a sunny Friday afternoon, for example. There I was doing our standard 3pm poo check, when it hit me: as a parent, you end up doing loads of things that are actually pretty creepy when you sit down and think about it. Read more