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Why is Fireman Sam single?

Why is Fireman Sam single

He’s the hero next door: a strong, athletic and selfless firefighter who can ski, swim, score goals and make toffee apples. So why is Fireman Sam single?

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Live From The Nursery Run Episode 38 – Fireman Sam Quiz Special

If only there was some way to find out how much toddlers take in when they watch TV… …Hold that thought, people, because Father-Hood is light years ahead of you. In the latest episode of genre redefining YouTube series Father-Hood & The Bubster Live From Nursery Run, our rookie dad set the 2-year-old Bubster a very special Fireman Sam quiz. This test  Read more

11 questions parents ask when watching Fireman Sam

When he hears that fire alarm, Sam is always cool and calm. If you’re stuck, give him a shout. He’ll be there to help you out. So move aside make way, for Fireman Sam. ‘Cause he’s gonna save the day, Fireman Sam! If you are a parent of a young child, the chances are you will currently be crooning the above tune. But while singing the lyrics to Fireman Sam’s theme tune 29 or 30 times a night for the past few weeks has firmly tattooed them on my cranium, it has not helped me uncover the answer to the any questions I have about the programme itself.

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