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Last-minute Father’s Day gift guide

Father Hood's last-minute Father's Day gift guide

Uh-oh. Father’s Day is on June 16 and you haven’t bought a present yet. What on Earth are you going to do? You have three options. You can hyperventilate. You can procrastinate. Or you can secure an actually really good last-minute Father’s Day gift by reading this article and selecting the pressie that you reckon would suit your dad the best.

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Pa Patrol – a celebratory song for Father’s Day and every day

With just three days to go until the day of the dad, the internet is packed with Father’s Day gift guides, Father’s Day think pieces and Father’s Day ‘how to craft a last-minute card out of a cereal box in case of emergency at 8am on Sunday morning’ articles. I, however, have decided to do something different. Read more