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Parenting game: flying with a preschooler bingo

Flying with a preschooler bingo

Hello, everyone. It appears my 2020 New Year’s resolution is to run the gauntlet that is flying with a preschooler more often. I say this, because it’s only January 21 and my wife and I have already been on three planes with our three-year-old since we said goodbye to 2019.

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Family holiday hotel vs villa – questions to ask before booking a villa

Guess who’s back? Back from Spain. Father Hood. Tell a friend. Actually, tell more than one friend. Tell every mum and dad you know. Because, along with sunburnt shoulders, mild gout and an empty bank account, I’ve returned from Ibiza with a bunch of insights that will help parents solve the classic ‘family holiday hotel vs villa’ conundrum.

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The 5 best things to do with your toddler at the beach

Question: what’s pale, ginger and covered in sunburn that’s so bad it’s going to turn into heinous, puss-filled blisters? Answer: a 12-year-old me after spending a day on the beach baking under the sun while on a family holiday in southern Scotland. Yes, this is a true story. And yes, it does say southern Scotland. I really do burn that easily. But if you think this sensitive skin is Read more