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When should my kid start sports classes?

Oh hello there fellow parent. Looking to create the next Tiger Woods, David Beckham or Roger Federer, are you? Of course you are. I mean, have you seen how many millions they each earned this year? Wowsers. If those figures aren’t a reason to get your kid into sports classes as soon as possible, I am not sure what is. Read more


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Mistakes. Advice. Tantrums. True stories. Nursery rhymes. Whether you’re a tired new parent or a perplexed soon-to-be mum or dad, Father-hood.co.uk is here to help (or at least make you laugh).

This exciting new blog is put together by award-winning writer and dad-of-one, Stuart Hood. It’s based around the mistakes he’s made as a parent, the questions he’s Googled since becoming a father, the things he’s doing to try and bond with his son, and the songs he’s made up while trying to rock his baby to sleep, and is designed to help put a smile back on your face whenever you’re feeling low, knackered or clueless.

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