Dear Father Hood: is your left leg swollen or are you just pleased to see me?



Morning campers! I am always pleased to see you, but unfortunately on this occasion I am going to have to choose option A. So why on earth has my left leg puffed up to around double the size of its right buddy? Well, it’s a not particularly funny story that Continue reading

Dear Father Hood: why do new dads always get so drunk on the first night of a stag weekend?



Stag. Stag. Stag. Stag. Stag. Awooo. Awooo. Awooo. Apologies for the excitable start to this answer, but I am just back from a three-day stag in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik. It was the second big bachelor party I’ve been on since our little man was born and I can confirm that I Continue reading