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Dear Father Hood: are baby classes important?

Full disclosure right up front: my wife and I are big fans of baby classes. Or to put it another way (that kind of resembles Craig David’s 7 Days), my son does Tumble Tots on Monday, goes to singing class on Tuesday, loves Read more


Social media parenting: a picture paints 1,000 words, but not all of them are truthful


Last night, I posted the above picture on my Instagram. It’s a really nice snapshot that I presented on the social media site alongside the following caption.
“A football class in St Albans, a birthday party in Twickenham, a catch up with friends and a river walk all achieved within a day. Up yours, London traffic. #dadblog #london #weekend #familyfun #twickenham #stalbans #whichway #fatherandson #dadandson #boats #river #ducks” Read more

Parenting satire: celebrity mother under fire for not showing off toned stomach within eight weeks of giving birth


A celebrity mum has been accused of lifting the pressure on normal mothers, after she failed to Instagram an image of her tight and toned stomach within two months of giving birth.

“It’s disgraceful,” blasted an apoplectic A-lister. “What kind of Read more

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