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How much do children cost?

Boy did you pick the right week to ask this question. I say this because I’ve just looked and Tesco has a sale on. I’m kidding. I actually say it because, after reading this article on soaring nursery fees, I’ve been doing quite a lot research into the cost of raising a child. Continue reading “How much do children cost?”


What are the best websites for dads?

Mumsnet. Netmums. Mother & Baby. Coming up with a list of great websites that are predominantly aimed at supporting mums is easy. But what about websites for dads? Where can parents with a Y chromosome go to find peer advice, some much needed escapism or a virtual hug? Continue reading “What are the best websites for dads?”

Is it okay to lie to your children?

Ooh, I like this question. It’s relevant to all parents. It’s potentially controversial. And, best of all, there is a really obvious answer. Which is: lying to your children is 100%, completely and utterly, not okay. Job done. Question answered. Case closed. Post published. Pulitzer almost definitely in the post. Continue reading “Is it okay to lie to your children?”

5 more games for entertaining toddlers

Parents have a variety of goals. Some of these involve sleep, others revolve around toilet training and then there are the ones that concern entertaining toddlers without spending ANOTHER £6 on Continue reading “5 more games for entertaining toddlers”

Potty training: tips for surviving stage two

If parenting is the gift that keeps giving, then potty training is the developmental stage that keeps testing. I say this, because after successfully teaching our son to orate his need to wee wee or poo poo in the toilet at home, my wife and I grabbed our little test subject, strapped him in the car and Continue reading “Potty training: tips for surviving stage two”

Dear Father Hood: are baby classes important?

Full disclosure right up front: my wife and I are big fans of baby classes. Or to put it another way (that kind of resembles Craig David’s 7 Days), my son does Tumble Tots on Monday, goes to singing class on Tuesday, loves Continue reading “Dear Father Hood: are baby classes important?”

Dear Father Hood: is my kid ready for toilet training?

Never mind whether your kid is ready for toilet training – are you ready for it? I ask, because the moment you begin toilet training is the moment you unleash an unforgiving world made up of urine, poo, stress, soiled sofas, bottom wiping and a complicated manoeuvre involving Continue reading “Dear Father Hood: is my kid ready for toilet training?”

Dear Father Hood: how do you cure a fussy eater?

Food, glorious food. Except when you’re a toddler. I mean, seriously – is there anything more frustrating than having a kid who just won’t eat fruit or veg? Stop scratching your head. The answer is no, which is why I signed up for the Toddler Food MOT workshop at The Dadsnet’s recent DadCon. Continue reading “Dear Father Hood: how do you cure a fussy eater?”

The 5 best things to do with your toddler at the beach

Question: what’s pale, ginger and covered in sunburn that’s so bad it’s going to turn into heinous, puss-filled blisters? Answer: a 12-year-old me after spending a day on the beach baking under the sun while on a family holiday in southern Scotland. Yes, this is a true story. And yes, it does say southern Scotland. I really do burn that easily. But if you think this sensitive skin is Continue reading “The 5 best things to do with your toddler at the beach”