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Creative parenting: the square under the shelter

Creativity can make even the most mundane looking play area fun.

Yesterday on Twitter, Dadapp asked its followers how they make everyday, seemingly boring tasks with their kids fun. My answer was: “It’s all down to imagination – sing, use a funny voice, pretend you have no idea, pretend to walk into stuff, ask funny questions.” Or, to put it another way, creative parenting.

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New mums’ advice: why isn’t my partner singing to our baby?

New mums often need advice. And who better to give it than a dad-of-one who has never been through the first trimester, let alone labour? Hmm. I see why you might be cynical about my credentials. But as a former agony uncle and certified man expert I do have my uses. Like? Like giving new mums advice about what how their partner is acting or what they are thinking.

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