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London with kids: The RAF Museum’s guide to the best things to do with your kids in London continues with our review of the RAF Museum. Continue reading “London with kids: The RAF Museum”


How much do children cost?

Boy did you pick the right week to ask this question. I say this because I’ve just looked and Tesco has a sale on. I’m kidding. I actually say it because, after reading this article on soaring nursery fees, I’ve been doing quite a lot research into the cost of raising a child. Continue reading “How much do children cost?”

What are the best websites for dads?

Mumsnet. Netmums. Mother & Baby. Coming up with a list of great websites that are predominantly aimed at supporting mums is easy. But what about websites for dads? Where can parents with a Y chromosome go to find peer advice, some much needed escapism or a virtual hug? Continue reading “What are the best websites for dads?”

Is it okay to lie to your children?

Ooh, I like this question. It’s relevant to all parents. It’s potentially controversial. And, best of all, there is a really obvious answer. Which is: lying to your children is 100%, completely and utterly, not okay. Job done. Question answered. Case closed. Post published. Pulitzer almost definitely in the post. Continue reading “Is it okay to lie to your children?”

5 more games for entertaining toddlers

Parents have a variety of goals. Some of these involve sleep, others revolve around toilet training and then there are the ones that concern entertaining toddlers without spending ANOTHER £6 on Continue reading “5 more games for entertaining toddlers”

Potty training: tips for surviving stage two

If parenting is the gift that keeps giving, then potty training is the developmental stage that keeps testing. I say this, because after successfully teaching our son to orate his need to wee wee or poo poo in the toilet at home, my wife and I grabbed our little test subject, strapped him in the car and Continue reading “Potty training: tips for surviving stage two”

Dear Father Hood: are baby classes important?

Full disclosure right up front: my wife and I are big fans of baby classes. Or to put it another way (that kind of resembles Craig David’s 7 Days), my son does Tumble Tots on Monday, goes to singing class on Tuesday, loves Continue reading “Dear Father Hood: are baby classes important?”

11 things I’ve learned during my first two weeks of toilet training

It has now been a little more than two weeks since my son embarked on his toilet training journey. And you know what they say: time flies when you spend every waking moment worrying about a tiny person emptying the contents of their bowels or bladder all over Continue reading “11 things I’ve learned during my first two weeks of toilet training”

Dear Father Hood: toilet training – why does my son give himself erections and pee everywhere?

It has now been nine days since my son began his toilet training adventure. In this week and a bit, there have been highs (magnificently communicated and then implemented poo at the local airport), there have been lows (the state of cubicle my son had to attempt to do his business in at the Hollywood Bowl, East Finchley) and there have been a number of screams from mummy over the following two things. Continue reading “Dear Father Hood: toilet training – why does my son give himself erections and pee everywhere?”