Blogger problems: blogging when you have kids

Hello, long time, no speak. Or long time, no write, to be exact. It’s been over two months since my last post. I don’t usually leave things this long, but right now I’m suffering from one of the most common parent blogger problems. Namely: I simply cannot find the time to blog.

How come? After all, being a parent has never stopped me before? This is true (although looking back I didn’t publish my first post until around nine months after my son was born). Over the last four years, I have been extremely consistent in my output, often posting two or three times a week. Recently, however, two things have changed. First, I handed in my freelance parent card and moved back into the world of full-time work. Second, my wife gave birth to a baby girl.

Add these together and what do you get? The answer is fuller wallet and heart. But it’s also blogger problems. Right now, I don’t have the time or energy to help myself to a healthy snack, let alone help my fellow dads navigate the choppy waters of parenthood.

Come on, now. I’m clearly being melodramatic. Surely there is some time I could fit writing a blog post in? There really isn’t, and to prove it, here’s a list that explains why I can’t (or won’t) publish something in all the potential blog writing time periods I could think of in the 37 minutes I had to write and post this article.

My commute

I agree this is usually a great time to solve blogger problems. Unfortunately, there is a bit of an issue with my commute at the moment. It’s called COVID-19, and it means that instead of spending 20-30 minutes on a train into London, I now spend 5-10 seconds walking to my desk. This is fantastic if you’re looking for me to provide cutting edge parenting insights like “the thing is”, “a big problem” and “thwawwaahwhy” (I stub my toe on the sofa while walking to my desk a lot). But slightly less fantastic if you’re looking for me to take a fairly deep dive into an important parenting issue.

My free time

“Free time” – oh, that’s brilliant, hilarious, wonderful. To repeat: I’m a working dad with two kids, one who has just started school and the other who is 11 weeks old. If you think I have free time, then you either: a) are not living my life, or b) have a very cushy thing going on.

The 3am feed

I tried. Believe me, I tried. But, unless you want to fail spectacularly on both counts, combining feeding and burping a newborn, while touch typing a parent blogging post just isn’t possible. Plus, before my wife comments below, since I’m working full-time, she’s being an absolute star and doing most of the 3am feeds.

Before work

Nice idea, but unfortunately before work is when I put do my yoga stretches, put together my paleo lunchbox and decide what shade of cyan I’m going to wear in the morning conference call. Or, you know, try to keep my eyes open while heating up milk, changing a nappy, making breakfast and attempting to read the latest emails from my son’s school.

My toilet breaks

In all honestly, the time I spend hiding in the toilet probably is the best opportunity for me to write a blog. But I’m just not okay with the idea of writing a blog while on the can and I don’t think any of you should be either. Plus, before anyone else says it, my writing already stinks.

So, what does this all mean? It means my post are going to be a tad more infrequent for the next few months. Don’t panic, the world will keep turning, I’m still posting on Twitter (follow me here) and, most importantly, you’re a great parent who can most definitely overcome whatever difficulty you’re currently facing.

Until next time…


  1. Must be tricky around the day job and a new addition Stuart.

    Same for me this last week, just no time, new routines placed and the return to school, been a tad hectic.

    Look forward to the future infrequents 👍🏻

  2. Welcome to the two children club! Congratulations. Your free time graph will now go exponentially down. As it sounds like you are finding out. But as you say, you now have a fuller heart and that could be your next blog post! Hopefully not written on the toilet.

  3. Well at least we now know where you have been! So the job is full-time? I wasn’t aware of that. Sur eyou’ll find more time as a routine merges from the mist.

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