Lockdown ideas for parents: sooper books

Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson hit the nail on the head when they sang, “The best things in life are free. Now that COVID’s ruined the economy.” Okay, okay, so that’s not exactly what they sang. But times are hard, money is tight and if you can show me a parent who doesn’t want to hear more about a website that offers up free children’s stories, then I’ll eat your hat (after thoroughly scrubbing it with an antibacterial wipe).

Still with me? Great, then allow me introduce you to bedtime stories website Sooper Books.

Introducing Sooper Books

Sooper Books is an online library of award-winning free children’s stories that was conceived with the twin aims of getting kids reading and ensuring that all families have access to quality children’s stories at the touch of a button. The site is run by my talented cousin Simon Hood and his even more talented wife Charlene Mitchell (who I’m pretty sure is the brains behind the operation). It contains a mixture of classic fairy tales, such as Rapunzel, The Three Little Pigs and Hansel & Gretel, that have been reimagined by Simon and original Hood/Mitchell tales like The Posh Rat, Kentucky Fried Children and The Fast Lane. It features 17 stories in total. And it’s been a BIG hit with schools and families during lockdown.

The stories are five-ten minutes long. They are aimed at kids aged between four and 14. They all feature fun imagery, amusing plots and lovely turns of phrase. And, at the time of writing, four of them (Cinderella, The Princess and the Pea, The Three Little Pigs and Kentucky Fried Children) are also available as audio books.

Our favourite free children’s stories

Since all the books are free, I don’t have to pick a favourite. If I did, I’d go for The Fast Lane. The tale of the little hedgehog, who is learning how to cross the road was one of Simon’s first stories and it always brings a smile to my face.

Lockdown ideas for parents

And that’s it for this edition of lockdown ideas for parents. As ever, thanks for reading. If you have any comments, I’d love to hear them. If you don’t, I’m also happy to accept shares and likes on social media. Stay safe. Stay well. And keep smiling.

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