Lockdown ideas for parents: zip line for toys

It’s got to the stage where even the games that were really fun at the start of lockdown have become a bit beige. You’re bored. And so are your kids. If only someone could come up with some lockdown ideas for parents that would help to alleviate this tedium. Stop the wheels on the bus, because someone has.

Spoiler alert: it’s me. At the start of lockdown, I tried to help all my fellow parents out by putting together a big feature that contained 23 of my best ideas for entertaining kids at home. These have been working wonders, but now, as we approach day 50 of lockdown, I feel like it’s high time I attempted to provide some more inspiration.

Lockdown ideas for parents

Given this, I’m pleased to announce a new blog series. It’s called ‘Lockdown ideas for parents’, and it’s going to highlight the simple, cheap, easy and inventive ways I’ve been entertaining my son over the last few weeks. Interested? Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn’t have got this far down the article. Thus, without further ado, I present Lockdown idea for parents #1 Zip line for toys

Zip line for toys

Full disclosure: this idea won’t work that well if you live in a bungalow. If you do, try one of these games. If you don’t, then grab a ball of string, a freezer bag and a clip and do the following.

  1. Tie one end of string to the highest point of your house or garden you can reach safely. FYI: I used our bedroom window, but a sturdy tree branch or balcony should work just as well.
  2. Throw the ball of string down into your garden or driveway.
  3. Tie the other end of the string to something in the garden or driveway, making sure it is relatively taut. I used our Forza goalposts, but tables, trunks, sheds and a bunch of other stuff should work just as well.
  4. Cut the string and head back to your high point.
  5. Load whichever toys your kid wants you to load into a freezer bag. Top tip: we convinced the Bubster to begin with a light toy, so we could “test the zip line”. After seeing it worked (see video, below), we then shoved more and more stuff into the bag, partly to teach him that heavier = faster and partly to see how fast we could get it go.
  6. Put the handles of the freezer bag into the clip.
  7. Attach the clip and attached freezer bag to the zip line.
  8. Go, go, go…

And that’s all I have to say about the opening entry in my ‘Lockdown ideas for parents’ series. I hope you try it and enjoy it. I hope you come back to the site and have a look at my other lockdown ideas. And I really hope you stay safe and well.

Until next time…

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