How is COVID-19 affecting young children? An interview with my four-year-old

How is COVID-19 affecting young children? Partly because I think this is a really important and interesting question, and partly because I thought it would eat up 20 minutes of lockdown, I decided to ask my four-year-old son a bunch of questions about COVID-19.

The full ‘how is COVID-19 affecting young children?’ interview is below, but my key takeaways are as follows.

  • Young children get what’s going on
  • Lockdown is harder for parents than kids
  • We parents are not messing up anywhere near as badly as we think we are.

Anyway, that’s enough from me, as you’re pretty much definitely here to hear from my son. Enjoy.

Why can’t you go to nursery at the moment?

Because of the virus.

What is the virus?

It’s the bug going around the world and it’s bad stuff. When you go to the toilet and wash your hands you have germs on them and you can’t see them. There’s also bugs in the air and you can’t see them.

How long is the virus here for?

A lot of days.

Why do we have to stay away from people when we are outside?

Because if you go close you will get the virus. Well, they might have the virus. We don’t know.

If you’re not at nursery, what are you doing during the day?

Playing in my garden and going on bike rides and staying away from the virus. It’s not really called the virus. It’s called coronavirus.

How do you know that?

Because somebody told me and I learned. I want to write. Why are you writing everything? Can I write? iir5j79y4uatthe26 (he wrote that, the end bit is the date (at the 26)).

Are you missing anybody?


No?! You said you were…

Oh, yeah. I already told you and now I have forgotten. Grandpa and Nano, Granny and Grandpa Tom and Grandad and Granny Helen.

Do you miss any of your friends?

I miss Zach, I miss you, I miss Grandpa, Nano, your dad, Helen, Granny and Grandpa Tom. That’s all I miss. Actually, cross out Granny and Grandpa Tom because I see them on Granny’s Games. I miss Uncle G and Auntie Cath, and Hamish and Eilidh. I miss Eilidh a lot.

What’s Granny’s Games?

You do games and at the end you have a story. Granny tells you what to do and then you do it, and you try to get it right.

What’s the best thing about being at home?

Cuddling with Mummy… (long pause, guilty look) …and Daddy.

Do you miss any of your classes?

I miss tennis, football and gymnastics. I kind of miss all of my classes.

What do you want to do when the virus is finished?

Go on holiday. Probably to Dubai. Dad, let’s go out in the garden and play basketball.

Is there anything else you want to say?

How do you write so quickly? I love flowers. Dad when you write so quickly your computer moves. What is your computer called? I don’t want to say anymore. Let’s go. Come on.

So, there you have it. That, in my son’s view, is how COVID-19 is affecting young children. As I said above: kids’ get it, it seems to be harder on us than them, and we’re not messing up as badly as we think. All of which, I’d have say, is rather good news.

Until next time.


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