3 great garden toys for sporty kids

Stuck at home with an energy-filled kid? Father Hood knows your pain. Here he highlights three great garden toys for sporty kids…

This lockdown isn’t getting any easier, is it? My wife is tired, my son is wired and I’m endeavouring to solve all my problems by eating entire tubes of Pringles in one sitting. Spoiler alert: it’s not working.

One thing that does work, however, is getting my son to release some of his energy by playing sport in the back garden. We had artificial grass put down a couple of years ago (best decision ever), and since then we’ve slowly accumulated various pieces of sports equipment. Some of them have been a bit rubbish (I’m looking at you plastic golf clubs and “Spiderman” bowling set), but others have been absolutely brilliant. And if you want to know what they are all you need to do is subscribe to my premium plan for the bargainous sum of £69.99 a month… just kidding. All you actually need to do is read on, as I reveal my top three garden toys for sporty kids.

1. FORZA Football Goal 6ft x 4ft

The thing I like most about this football goal is the fact that you don’t need to screw it together with fiddly little screws and washers. The thing I like second most is the fact it can take a lot of punishment (the posts and bar can cope with a full-power shot from most adults). And the thing I like third most it its size – it’s way more fun than a tiny kids’ goal, but small enough to give child keepers a chance.

Get it: £46.99 + £12.22 delivery from Amazon*

2. ZSIG Garden Mini Tennis Net (3M)

Meet the latest addition to our sporting collection. Fans of the site will be aware of my son’s love for tennis. Under normal circumstances, we go to our local tennis club and play two or three times a week. Under lockdown, we needed a new way to quench his thirst. Step forward the ZSIG Garden Mini Tennis Net. It’s easy to put up and down. It’s light and simple to move. And it’s just the right height for a spot of parent vs (vaguely competent) child tennis. The Bubster and I’s current rally record is 31. But given our talent, and the fact we’ve got absolutely nothing else to do for the next few months, I expect this to rise pretty quickly.

Get it: £72.95 + £6.95 delivery from Amazon*

3. Bee-Ball Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Full disclosure: although my mum (who bought this for the Bubster’s 4th birthday) assured me that this portable sporting toy is much simpler to build than most free-standing hoops, it still took a fair bit of elbow grease. That stress aside, I could not recommend this product any more. It’s easy to adjust, you can have the hoop at any height from 1.6m – which is great for the 4-year-old Bubster – to 2.1m, and it’s unlikely to tip over, as the base is pretty heavy when filled with water.

Aside from that, my only other FYI is don’t stick it too near to a window. I say this, because, if you’re anything like me, you will get excited, think you’re good at basketball and try and score from the other end of the garden, while shouting “from downtown”. Oh, and guess what? I didn’t score, I hit the window. The good news is it didn’t smash. The bad news is my wife saw it and put me on dishwasher duty for a fortnight.

Get it: £49.99 from Amazon* (note: it’s currently sold out, but hopefully it’ll be back in stock soon)

And we’re finished. I hope you enjoyed my round up of the best garden toys for sporty kids. If you did, please like or comment below. If you didn’t, maybe you’d like my Fireman Sam content?

Until next time…

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