9 more funny memes for parents

Hands up if you’ve had a tough parenting hour/day/week/month/year and could do with a laugh. Me too. Which is why I’ve decided to create a post to make myself, and hopefully a few thousand of you, laugh. It’s called 9 more funny memes for parents, and it includes, um, 9 more funny memes for parents.

I’m not sure there’s much else to say in this intro except enjoy, like, share and comment. I thank you.

1. The appetite-based parenting meme

Kids, eh? At home, you’re lucky to get a chip smothered in ketchup into your kid’s gob. At nursery pick-up time, you discover they’ve merrily wolfed down a vegan tasting menu and several fruits you’ve never heard of.

2. The half-term funny meme for parents

Half-term: hell for the parents of school kids, because they actually have to look after them. And hell for the parents of preschool kids, because we have to share our usual haunts with approximately six billion sugared-up 5-8-year-olds.

3. The Tyson Fury nap meme

The commentators couldn’t believe it when Tyson Fury got up off the canvas after appearing to be knocked out. They need to spend more time with my son. He pulls tricks like this ALL the time.

4. The I’m dad and I have no authority meme

I joke, but, obviously, I am actually in control… oh, who am I kidding. If I want to make any changes to the routine I need to consult the boss (my wife). And then she needs to consult the real boss (our son).

5. The banning TV as a punishment meme

There comes a time in every 3-year-old’s life when they realise that their parents need the TV just as much as they do. At this time the balance of power shifts and the child realises that they can pretty much do what they want and still feast on three episodes of Peppa Pig a night.

6. The crossing the road funny meme for parents

Given how precious our children are, the first part of this meme makes total sense. Given how many lectures we deliver around the importance of looking both ways and making 300% sure the road is clear before even beginning to think about crossing it, the latter part does not make any sense at all. But we all do it.

7. The put your hat on meme

There are many things to love about living near the grandparents. Their ability to make your child wear clothes he simply WILL NOT put on when you ask him to is not one of them.

8. The Ned Stark parenting meme

Take one ridiculously tired kid, add a portion of trying to get them to do something they don’t want to do and you have all the ingredients you need for the tantrum-filled, patience-testing parenting examination that is The Witching Hour. If you make it through with crying, screaming or totally melting down, you’ve done well.

9. The messy car seat meme

Arrive at nursery. Pick son up. Give him snack that I’m pretty sure won’t create any mess or crumbs. Get home. Play ‘is it cleanable or should we just sell the car’? Repeat the next day. And the next. And the next…

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