New parenting meme: my son’s hat

I’m not one of those parents who is slow to recognise and praise the role played by my son’s grandparents. But one thing that really does get my goat is the different attitude my son has to doing tasks when I ask him versus when his grandmother asks him. A prime example of this involves his hat.

It’s winter and it’s cold. Asking my son to put on a hat should be a simple and stress-free activity. But it isn’t. Oh Lord, it isn’t. Screaming. Shouting. Air punching. Floor stomping. The second I go near his skull with something that will keep it warm, he gives it THE WORKS.

Granny knows best

Still, it’s not just me, he does this for everyone, right? Wrong. Every time we leave my wife’s parents house, her mum asks him to come over so she can put on his hat, and every time he obediently trots across, leans over and accepts getting his ears covered without a moan, grown or whimper.

Wow, that must be frustrating to watch. It is. It really is. So, what am I going to do about this clear display of disobedience towards daddy? In the long term? I have no idea. In the short term? I’ve gone down the passive aggressive create a parenting meme featuring two dogs acting differently and laugh at my pain approach. And do you know what? It has made me a feel a little bit better.

Hat’s all folks.

Until next time.

P.S. Please comment below if you’re in a similar situation re: getting your kid to put on a hat. I can’t promise that sharing this information will help you. But I can guarantee that it will help me.

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