Dad bloggers interview: the Dad Test ft. Daddilife

Sound the must-read feature klaxon! In a bid to assess the ‘dadliness’ of celebrity dads and popular dad bloggers, I’ve created a fun Q&A called the Dad Test. Stepping up to the plate in week 19: father, leading blogger and award-winning working dad Han-Son Lee of Daddilife.

Han-Son Lee trying to forget the incident he describes in Q5.

Q1. Have you ever messed up a nappy change?

“Is the Pope Catholic? I remember a particularly bad one, where the stuff was just everywhere! And the more wipes I used, the more it seemed to spread. All over the clothes. All over the drawers. Just all over! I think I went through three different changes in that one session!”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q2. Have you ever voluntarily chosen to watch a children’s cartoon when your kid wasn’t there?

“Yes, Transformers. I just love it. I’ve been trying to get the boy into it more and more. He’s 50/50 with it, but I have certainly sneaked in a few episodes without him.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q3. Have you ever fallen asleep while attempting to get your kid to sleep?

“This question should be more – how many times a week does this happen? My average is one-to-two a week! Maybe it’s the way I read books at bedtime? Terrible enough to send even myself to sleep!”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q4. Have you ever parented with a hangover?

“So…without wanting to volunteer myself for scientific dissection…I’ve never had a hangover. I’ve had many people try to give me one, and I have experienced general tiredness, but I’ve never had the “give me everything on the McDonald’s menu now” thing I’ve seen other people endure. So, almost, but no.”
Dadliness rating: 0

Q5. What’s the worst substance you’ve ever had to clean out of the back of your car?

“Mould. On a piece of chocolate. That had melted and joined onto a rice cake. That had somehow collected a piece of banana skin along its mould journey. It was stuck right between the chairs and I wouldn’t have found it at all had it not been for a really deep clean.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q6. Have you ever been injured in the line of dad duty?

“When we tried camping for the first time, putting up the tent almost cost me an eye, an arm, and my sanity. On a positive note, I recovered from my pain, tried again and now reckon that camping with kids is brilliant!”
Dadliness rating: 0

Han-Son, his son and the back three-quarters of a giant animal statue.

Q7. Have you ever got stuck in a soft play?

“There are two types of stuck in a soft play, and I’ve experienced both. Type one is where you literally are stuck – and this has happened to me between two giant rollers. (You know, the ones that are quite literally designed for a small person to just about squeeze through and not a mid 30s overweight man!) And type two is where you ‘stuck’ like “I don’t want to leave.” I love soft play, so this happens to me too!”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q8. Have you ever smelt poo and realised that it was on you?

“Haha. Great question. So… one of our neighbours must have got a new dog recently, as there seems to be loads of poo on the way to school. Last week, I thought the boy had stepped in something and got him to check constantly on the way to school. We couldn’t find anything. It was only when I was on the train to work that I realised I was still smelling it and that it was stuck on my boot. You can imagine how well that went down on a busy London commuting morning…”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q9. Have you ever gone on a family holiday and forgotten something really important?

“Surprisingly, the answer is no. It’s amazing, as I’m a last-minute packer.”
Dadliness rating: 0

Q10. Without looking at the internet, what are the words to Wind the Bobbin Up?

“Wind the bobbin up, wind the bobbin up. Pause, pause, clap, clap, clap. Point to the ceiling, point to the floor, point to the window, point to the door. Put your hands together, 1,2,3. Put your hands upon your knee.”
Dadliness rating: 0 (Father Hood says: Sorry, Han-Son, you forgot to wind it back again!)

Q11. Tell us your best dad joke

“How do you make holy water?
You boil the HELL out of it.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q12. Can you draw a dinosaur?

A dinosaur by dad blogger Daddilife
A dinosaur by Daddilife.

Father Hood says: “It’s pointy, flat, aggressive and very much worthy of a point.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Final dadliness rating

A brilliant poo story, some mouldy chocolate and a love of Transformers power Daddilife’s Han-Son Lee to an impressive 8 points in the Dad Test. Check out his website and social media pages via these links…


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