Entertaining your kids at home – 3 more fun games

I haven’t done a “fun ideas for entertaining your kids at home” post for a while. But with the temperature dropping, the rain increasing and the evenings darkening, tonight seemed like a good time to revisit the Father-Hood.co.uk franchise that brought you parent-inspiring blogs like games for surviving rainy days, 5 more fun games for toddlers and 5 table games that’ll help you get through Christmas lunch.

Wait, I forgot to mention Milk Capsule Tower Building. And Crayon Bowling. And 6 fun math games for kids. Oh, and… …for goodness sake, man, stop link dropping and tell us why we’re here.

Fine, here goes. You are here, because this weekend I spent a lot of time indoors with a not-quite-on-the-top-of-his-game Bubster. Some of this period, was spent in front of the television. Some of it was spent building (and then destroying, and then standing on) LEGO towers. And some of it was spent coming up with three games that fit beautifully into my fun ideas for entertaining your kids at home collection. Three games which from now on will be known as…

1. Hand tennis

Okay, okay, so the Bubster and I are using a coffee table and a sausage cushion as the net and a squishy football as the ball. There are no lines. And even less control. But that’s the beauty of the reflex-sharpening, preschooler-amusing game I’ve titled Hand Tennis. As long as you have some kind of soft ball and are able to form some kind of barrier, then you can get down on your knees and play. Full disclosure: the Bubster and I’s current rally record is a rather underwhelming four shots, but what we lacked in technical ability we made up for in laughter.

Oh, and one final “fun fact” for tennis mad parents dreaming of turning their child into the sport’s next big thing. This game is kind of like the Boom boom balloon game that tennis stars Andy and Jamie Murray used to play as kids.

2. No beer pong

No Beer Pong is just like Beer Pong, except there is no beer and thus absolutely no copyright infringement. The rules are as follows:

  1. Position a cup somewhere in your house
  2. Get each competitor to pick up a ping pong ball
  3. Take it in turns to attempt to bounce or throw the ping pong ball into the cup
  4. Giggle hysterically
  5. Repeat until your kid gets bored or it’s time to eat a meal or go to bed/work

Note: at the time of writing, we’ve been playing for several hours over the course of three days and my three-year-old is yet to get bored.

3. Eyes shut catch

My final fun game for entertaining your kids at home sees one player lie on their back with their eyes closed and their arms spread as wide as possible. And the other player count down from five and then chuck a soft ball in the direction of the dominant hand of the player who is lying on the ground. What happens next? Simple. The person on the ground tries, and most likely fails, to catch the ball with their eyes shut.

Done this? Great, now swap positions and try again. And then swap positions and try again. And then swap… you get the picture. Keep flip flopping positions until your kid decrees that he or she has had enough.

I know what you’re thinking. This sounds a) ridiculous and b) like it will last two minutes at the most. I totally agree. But trust me when I say a) the Bubster loved it and b) sometimes all you need is a game that lasts two minutes.

And that’s it. Game, set and match. I hope you enjoyed my latest games for entertaining your kids at home. If you did, please share as far and wide as you possibly can.

Until next time…

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