Parenting song: my 3-year-old is keeping me awake

In keeping with always being around two years “behind the curve”, I’ve gone a little The Greatest Showman crazy over the last few weeks. This has culminated in me going to work in a top hat and tuxedo, getting some contractors to erect a huge circus tent in the back garden and hiring an elephant for the Bubster’s next birthday party.

Ha, if only. Back in the real world, it has seen me force my family to watch the film three times a week and ask Alexa to play the soundtrack 15 million times a day. Ooh, so what are our favourite songs?

Well, my wife loves Never Enough, and the Bubster is all over This Is Me, but, at the time of writing, A Million Dreams is my go-to number. Hence why I’ve chosen it as the tune for my latest parenting song. Enjoy, laugh, sing, share, you know the drill.

Until next time…

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