London with kids: Granary Square’s guide to the best things to do with your kids in London continues with our review of Granary Square…

Where is it?

All you really need to know is that Granary Square is a 5-minute walk from both London King’s Cross and London St Pancras International. But if you’re looking for specific directions, they are as follows. Head to the top of King’s Boulevard and cross Regent’s Canal. And then? And then nothing, you’re there.

How much does it cost?

It’s a public square, so spending the morning, afternoon or whole day here costs absolutely nothing. That said, if you are here on a sunny day, the chances of you making it out without buying your kid an ice cream are somewhere between slim and none. Conclusion? It’s probably best to budget £5 per child.

What are the best things about it?

The fountains. There are a whopping 1,080 choreographed water jets for your kids to kick, splash and run through. This means you’re going to have to pack a towel and a change of clothes, but who cares? Sit back on one of Granary Square’s benches, relax and enjoy the fact your little one is loving the free entertainment.

Granary Square has a whopping 1,080 water jets for kids to enjoy.

And the worst?

The square’s changing facilities are somewhat basic. In fact, your post-fountain session options are as follows. Change your kid in the public toilets. Dress them in a quiet corner of the square’s big building (read: Central Saint Martins art school). Or take the al fresco option.

Is the food any good?

Yes, yes and more yes. In addition to a selection of restaurants that offer everything from Indian Street food to a la carte lamb, Granary Square has a Street Food Market where you can tuck into tacos, burgers and all sorts of other goodies. And if you don’t fancy the sound of any of this? Well, then there is always Waitrose.

What are the toilets/baby change like?

The toilet and baby change facilities are not bad for public toilets, but don’t expect too much, as, when all is said and done, they are public toilets.

Any special insider tips?

  1. When your kid demands an ice cream, you’re financially far better off going to Waitrose than you are queueing for the posh van that sits in the square.
  2. The set of fountains on the left of the square tends to get less “traffic” than the one in the centre and the one on the right.

The bottom line

A relatively new London attraction that’s growing in popularity for two reasons. First, the fountains are awesome. Second, it’s free.

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