Funny parenting meme: crossing the road

This week’s funny parenting meme came to me while I was standing at a pedestrian crossing with my son.

The road was clear, people were passing us on both sides, but was I going to allow the Bubster to put one toenail over the kerb? Was I heck. I gripped his hand tightly and said: “wait for the green man”. Because that’s what all good parents do, right? Right. Wait. Um. Sort of.

Which means? It means that this is what all good parents do when we’re out with our kids. But when we’re not? Well, as the second part of this funny parenting meme highlights, the vast majority of us look left, look right, feel like we know better than the light, and go for it.

Is this sensible? Of course, it isn’t. Are parents going to stop doing it anytime soon? Of course, we’re not. Is this the best parenting example of ‘do what I say not what I do’ that I can think of? Of course, it is, but if anyone has any other good suggestions please share them in the comments section below.

Until next time…

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