Father Hood, dad blogger on the radio

Dad blogger Father Hood on the radio

If there’s one thing I like talking about more than parenting, it’s myself (as anyone who witnessed my 75-minute wedding speech will testify). Thus, when The Neu Dad invited me onto his radio show to discuss my life, career and journey to becoming a leading dad blogger, I screamed “yes” and began warming up my vocal cords.

The Neu Dad’s show airs on London’s Riverside Radio from 2-3pm every second Sunday. Each episode features a special guest, who has a connection with South West London. And last weekend’s star attraction was me. (I lived in Tooting, South West London for four years.)

Talking a good game

Ooh, were you nervous? After all, talking is a bit different to writing. It is, but The Neu Dad explained exactly what he needed from me, and I’ve done a bit of radio before (as a “male commentator” during my Toxic Bachelor days, and, more recently, as an “expert dad blogger” on Nihal Arthanayake’s BBC Radio 5 Live show), so I felt pretty comfortable.

So, how did it go?

I think it went well, but click below, have a listen and decide for yourself. The show lasts just under an hour. And during this time we discuss a whole bunch of stuff, including getting locked out of the studio, my eBook, the Edinburgh Festival, my old South West London haunts, competitive parenting, the Toucan Brothers*, life as a dad blogger and going to baby raves.

And my next radio appearance will be…

I’ve no idea when I’ll next be on the airwaves. But I do know that I enjoy it, and would be delighted to talk to any national stations, local stations or parenting podcasters about providing commentary or taking a regular slot. In the meantime, I’d like to thank The Neu Dad for this opportunity and implore you to check out his site and social feeds.

Until next time…

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