Last-minute Father’s Day gift guide

Father Hood's last-minute Father's Day gift guide

Uh-oh. Father’s Day is on June 16 and you haven’t bought a present yet. What on Earth are you going to do? You have three options. You can hyperventilate. You can procrastinate. Or you can secure an actually really good last-minute Father’s Day gift by reading this article and selecting the pressie that you reckon would suit your dad the best.

Ooh, sounds good. But how can you be certain that your chosen gift will be delivered to your house, office or den in time? You can guarantee it because all nine of the dad gifts listed below offer the “get it by tomorrow” Amazon Prime delivery option*. I know, I know. I really do spoil you guys. Anyway, let’s get on with the list…

1. The perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift for dads who love meat – Chef Remi’s Bear Meat Claws

Show me a dad who doesn’t want to shred meat faster and I’ll stare at a father who has given up on life. Not only do these easy-to-clean, heat resistant (up to 230°C) ‘Bear Meat Claws’ allow you to rip apart pulled pork or beef, they also enable you to tear up a chicken or a turkey in under two minutes. WHAT’S. NOT. TO. LIKE? Note for the offspring of a vegetarian: these claws are also great for tossing salads.
Price: £7.95
Get it: Here

2. The perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift for dads who enjoy beating their kids at board games – Big Potato Colourbrain

Like all brilliant board games, Big Potato Colourbrain is easy to learn and quick to play. Here’s how it works. After splitting into teams, or deciding to play as individuals, you each get given 11 coloured cards that you can use to answer the 300 colour-related questions in the box (examples include: what colours are the five Olympic rings? And which two colours combine to make purple?). Whenever you get the answer right and another player gets it wrong, you get a point. And the winner is the first person or team to get to 10 points. Simples.
Price: £24.99
Get it: Here

3. The perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift for dads with beards – WOLF & BJÖRN Beard Brush

I’m too impatient to grow a beard, but if I had one I’d want to remove the Cheerios and toddler drool from it with a brush that was made from 100% boar bristles and organic wood. And do you know what? This premium brush is made of just that. Better still, it comes with a handy travel bag.
Price: £13.99
Get it: Here

4. The perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift for dads who travel for work – CleverTrips™ Universal Travel Power Adapter All in One Worldwide International Wall Charger AC Plug Adaptor with 5.6A Smart Power USB and 3.0A USB Type-C For USA EU UK AUS Cell Phone Tablet Laptop

Sure, this pimped up plug is less exciting than a Game of Thrones seasons 1-7 boxset. And granted, its ludicrously long name does anything but trip off the tongue. But, having been given a sturdy travel adapter a few years ago, I can confirm that it will be up there with the best, and handiest, products your dad will ever receive in his life. Why? Because it charges just about any device you can imagine and works in over 180 countries. That’s why.
Price: £20.99
Get it: Here

5. The perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift for dads who like Peaky Blinders AND drinking responsibly – Peaky Blinder Black IPA Gift Pack

If your dad likes Peaky Blinders, I’d suggest getting him this flat cap. And if he likes drinking responsibly, I’d recommend getting him this Camden Town and Goose Island Party Pack. But if he likes Peaky Blinders AND drinking responsibly, then I’d implore you to get him this gang-tastic gift pack that includes two 500ml bottles of Sadler’s Peaky Blinder Black IPA and one Sadler’s branded pint glass.
Price: £10.99
Get it: Here

Important note: Alcohol is not for sale to people under the age of 18. For the facts about alcohol visit A signature will be required on delivery.

6. The perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift for new dads who like to read – New Dads’ Questions Answered

“This book is a rare find – a parenting book that is honest, non-judgemental, genuinely informative and entertaining at the same time. And rarer still – a book aimed at dads. Add to that the added bonus that it’s so well written that it’s easy to read even in the small hours of the night! I found myself having a fair few ‘aha’ moments as the incidents described chimed with real life experiences. A must-buy for new parents out there.”

Yes, this is my eBook. But, no, these aren’t my words. They are the views of a verified Amazon reviewer. Well, what are you waiting for? Do what the reviewer says and buy, buy, buy…
Price: £4.99
Get it: Here

7. The perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift for dads who heart cheese – Fred Cheese Log Cheese Board and Knife Set

I’m not sure why I like this 20cm x 2cm cheese board and stainless steel knife set so much. Oh, I know. It’s because the board looks like a log and the knife looks like an axe. Note: if you do purchase this set for your old man, please inform him that Father Hood will be deeply disappointed if he doesn’t don a lumberjack shirt and shout “timber” while using it.
Price: £20.95
Get it: Here

Important note: This bladed product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. A signature will be required on delivery.

8. The perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift for new dads who want the world to know that they are new dads – Zarlivia Clothing Daddyasaurus & Babyasaurus Matching Gift Set

Full disclosure: I wore this T-shirt in my Let It Go parody video and included it in my 7 Great Dad T-shirts round-up. So, why am I featuring it again? Well, it’s partly because I think it mixes a funny slogan with a nice design. And partly because it comes with a bodysuit (sizes from 0-24 months) that enables daddy and baby to go “matchy matchy”. I own the white one, but, if that shade is not your bag, the gift set also comes in red, green, blue and grey. Be warned, however, delivery speed varies by colour.
Price: From £13.99
Get it: Here

9. The perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift for dads who are into gaming – Nintendo Game Boy Heat Change Mug

A novelty mug? Bo-ring! Could this last-minute Father’s Day gift guide be limping to a more stereotypical conclusion? I see what you’re saying, but this retro beauty isn’t any old novelty drinks holder. For starters, it’s designed to look like the iconic Nintendo Game Boy handheld gaming console. And for desserts, it’s heat sensitive, so its screen lights up when you pour a hot drink into it.
Price: £7.99
Get it: Here

And that’s it. Father Hood’s 2019 last-minute Father’s Day gift guide is all over. I hope you found something that you think your dad will like. If you did, let me know in the comments section below. If you didn’t, maybe just get him a framed family picture – dads love that sort of thing. Until next time…

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