The Dad Test ft. Dad Blog UK

Sound the must-read feature klaxon! In a bid to assess the ‘dadliness’ of celebrity dads and popular dad bloggers, I’ve created a fun Q&A called the Dad Test. Stepping up to the plate in week eight: former journalist, father to two girls and multi-award winning blogging legend Dad Blog UK.

Dad Blog UK fearing that he will be asked to prove his answer to Q6

Q1. Have you ever messed up a nappy change?

“Yes. When my kids were in nappies, I messed up a few changes, generally due to leaving them a bit loose. That said, I got many more right than I got wrong.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q2. Have you ever gone out/to work with milk stains on you?

“When my kids were bottle fed, I went out with milk stains on me all the time. I actually had a special stash of cheap t-shirts from Primark that I lived in for this very reason. Times have changed, however. These days, I find myself venturing out of the house covered in unicorn or glitter-infused stickers that the kids have placed on me.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q3. Have you ever been injured in the line of dad duty?

“I have, but thankfully never seriously. My eldest daughter used to have a habit of giving me bumps and bruises when I took her to parent and child swimming lessons. On one very memorable occasion she leapt up in the water and caught me right under the chin with her head.”
Dadliness rating: 0

Q4. Have you ever put off a DIY task for longer than three months?

“Three months?! I am getting better at this, but three months is surely a minimum, right?”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q5. Have you ever gone on a family holiday and forgotten something really important?

“I took the kids to Porthcawl last summer. We were staying overnight before driving on to see family in Somerset, and I somehow managed to completely forget to pack any underwear for the youngest. Once we’d arrived and got checked in, it was about 5pm. I managed to rush to Peacocks and buy her some minutes before it closed!”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q6. Can you do the Baby Shark dance?

“Yes, I can. It would be a bit rough around the edges, but I could just about pull it off.”
Dadliness rating: 1

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Q7. What’s your go-to dad outfit?

“You know what? I don’t have one. My outfit always depends on the situation. My sense of style has taken a hit as a result of being a dad, but I am still very fussy about clothes and will try to make an effort on most occasions.

“That said, I do own a pair of Nike trainers with special, rubber laces. I fitted them on especially so I can slip them on and off as I enter and leave the house and garden. Lace up shoes are the enemy of all parents. It’s not an outfit, but these are definitely my dedicated dad shoes. “
Dadliness rating: 0

Q8. Have you ever smelt poo and realised it was on you?

“I appreciate this will lose me points, but no. Oddly, I’m rather glad I can say this.”
Dadliness rating: 0

Q9. Describe your worst swimming pool experience.

“Ah yeah, there has been one, but it’s probably not what you’re expecting. My worst swimming pool experience would have been about four years ago when Helen, my eldest daughter, was entered into a swimming contest I had been told would be ‘fun’. It was actually a series of timed heats and she was one of the least advanced and youngest swimmers.

“For some unfathomable reason, the organisers put her in a lane in the middle of the pool instead of the edge. My heart was in my throat when she swam in the first race.

“She competed in a couple of races, but wasn’t enjoying it, so I told her she could pull out and we went home. I was livid with the organisers, so I complained and she got a free intensive swimming course!”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q10. What’s the worst substance you’ve ever had to clean out of the back of your car?

“That would be a spilled yogurt drink. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but it wasn’t my car. The punchline? It got spilled on a drive up to Scotland from our (then) home in London.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q11. What’s your best dad joke?

“What’s brown and sticky? A stick.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q12. Can you draw a dinosaur?

Father Hood says: Not the greatest dino this interview series has seen, but the blood and ultra-blue eyes have frightened me into awarding Dad Blog UK a point.
Dadliness rating: 1

Final ‘dadliness’ score

Unicorn stickers, forgotten underwear and a scary swimming competition help Dad Blog UK to an impressive 9 points in the Dad Test. Check out his website and follow his social media pages via the links below.


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