The Dad Test ft. Yule Times

Sound the must-read feature klaxon! In a bid to assess the ‘dadliness’ of celebrity dads and popular dad bloggers, I’ve created a fun Q&A called the Dad Test. Stepping up to the plate in week seven: nursery worker, Baby Shark aficionado and popular parent blogger Yule Times.

Yule Times just before his son used him as a human tissue

Q1. Have you ever messed up a nappy change?

“Yes, I think every single dad has messed a nappy up at least once. During the newborn stage, it’s all about learning. Unfortunately, learning can involve a lot of mess. There have been times when I’ve looked away for a few fateful seconds and been greeted by a fountain of urine. Little boys are great for pointing it right at you as well.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q2. Have you ever gone to work/out with milk stains on you?

“Milk stains are usually the least of my problems. There is always a snot stain on my shoulder whenever I leave the house. I have basically given up trying to look presentable. My child uses me as a human tissue and I’ve passed the stage of trying to stop it.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q3. Have you ever got stuck in a soft play?

“No, however I have nearly knocked myself out at one. I was running through the upper part of a soft play, clearly having far too much fun. I sprinted straight into a low beam and gave myself concussion. The child that I was with at the time stood over me and laughed in my face. It was not one of my finer moments.”
Dadliness rating: 0

Q4. Can you do the Baby Shark dance?

“Yup, I know all the actions. I also have to admit that I was aware of the song long before it became a YouTube sensation. They have played it for years at the nursery I work at, so Baby Shark has been a part of my life for a very long time.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q5. Have you ever been injured in the line of dad duty?

“Nothing too serious, but I have taken many kicks to the private parts. To add insult to injury, my son finds this highly amusing. He clearly wants to be an only child.”
Dadliness rating: 0

Yule Times takes a walk with his son

Q6. Have you ever voluntarily chosen to watch a children’s cartoon when your kid wasn’t there?

“Yes, I often find myself watching CBeebies after my child has wandered off into the kitchen or gone to bed. Sometimes you just need to know what happens.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q7. Have you ever done something wrong and not told your other half?

“I once fed my son a leftover meal that had been there for several days. In my defence, I originally thought that it had been left in the fridge from the night before. When I found out that it hadn’t, I decided to keep quiet, but my wife worked out what had happened when she came across the empty tub. Thankfully, no harm was done. And, let’s face it, kids eat worse things than out-of-date leftovers.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q8. What’s your favourite kids’ snack?

“I don’t really have one, but my son’s has to be yoghurts. The kid can’t get enough of them. Every time I open the fridge I hear, ‘YOG-YOG!’ I’ve never known a child get so excited over a yoghurt. I just wish he would have picked a slightly less messy snack to enjoy. By the end, it’s always smeared all over his face.”
Dadliness rating: 0

Q9. What’s your go-to dad outfit?

Jogging bottoms and a long sleeve T-shirt. Clothes that I don’t mind getting completely filthy and covered in whatever bodily fluids come my way that day.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q10. Without looking at the internet, what are the words to Wind the Bobbin Up?

“This is my son’s favourite song right now! Wind the bobbin up, wind the bobbin up, pull, pull, clap, clap, clap. Wind it back again, wind it back again, pull, pull, clap, clap, clap. Point to the ceiling, point to the floor. Point to the window, point to the door. Clap your hands together, 1, 2, 3. Place them gently on your knee.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q11. Tell us your best dad joke

“My son shouted: ‘Daaad, you haven’t listened to one word I’ve said, have you?!’ What a strange way to start a conversation with me…”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q12. Can you draw a dinosaur?

Roaring Dino by Yule Times

Father Hood says: Impressive posture, good eyelids, sharp teeth and a nice speech bubble. Yule Times receives a well-earned point.
Dadliness rating: 1

Final ‘dadliness’ score

A love of CBeebies, being ahead of the Baby Shark curve and acting as his son’s human tissue power Yule Times to a sensational 9-point haul in the Dad Test. Check out his website and follow his social media pages via the links below.


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Next week: the legendary Dad Blog UK faces the Dad Test.


  1. I’m docking a point on a technicality: surely adding “gently on your knee” at the end of Wind the Bobbin Up means kids don’t have the excuse to smash their hands down as the big finale?! Or maybe my kids are just more violent in the nursery rhyme stakes?!

    • Interesting you should say this… I considered marking that a zero, as my son is also a fan of smashing his hands down and I usually sing the classic ‘put your hands upon your knees’ (as does Diary of the Dad). In the end, I let it go due to Yule T getting the rest of the lyrics bang on.

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