7 great dad T-shirts

I’m a dad and I like T-shirts. Can you see where this is going? Of course, you can. That’s right, folks. I’m dipping my toe back into the world of dad fashion with a round-up of the finest dad T-shirts on the market.

So, what makes a good dad T-shirt? Opinions will vary, but in my view it’s all about the way the fabric sticks to my dad gut. Just kidding. I’m actually all about the logo. If it says “I’m a loving dad” in a way that isn’t too hammy or awful, then I’m all in. Hence why I give the Father Hood stamp of approval to the following septet of dad T-shirts…

1. The Walking Dad

Yes, I own this dad T-shirt. And I own it for two reasons. First, my son has never been a big fan of sleep, so I spend most of my life wandering around like a zombie. Second, it’s a pretty good pun. Not a fan of black tees? Fear not, it comes in loads of colours.
Price: From £8.99 on Amazon*

2. Rad Dad

Can I pull off this ‘rad dad’ T-shirt, which is designed by family lifestyle brand Black & Beech and sold by the excellent, charity-supporting The FMLY Store? Probably not. Is that going to stop me trying? Of course it isn’t. Not only is this a great design, it’s also ethically produced using 100% combed organic cotton.
Price: £22.95 + £5 delivery on The FMLY Store

3. FAM Reverse Print Tee

Family clothing brand Big Up Fam is most famous for its ‘Parenting Tee’, which brilliantly parodies Renton’s ‘choose life’ speech from Trainspotting. There is no denying that the Parenting Tee is a great piece, but, in my view, the brand’s FAM Reverse Print Tee is even better. Need another reason to add it to your cart? Here it is – 10% of all Big Up Fam’s profits go to The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), which is an award-winning charity dedicated to preventing male suicide.
Price: £20 + £4 delivery on Big Up Fam

4. Daddyasaurus

In a world full of ‘Daddyasaurus’ dad T-shirts, why does this particular one make my list? Simple. It makes my list because it comes with a matching ‘Babysaurus’ baby grow. Pick your colour and sizes (small to XXL for the T-shirt, and newborn to 18-24 months for the baby grow), then roar down to your local park and prove that twinning in winning.
Price: £13.49 + £3.49 delivery on Amazon*

5. Personalised Handprint On Heart Daddy T-Shirt

Hold on. Does that say personalised? It sure does. Once you order this T-shirt, you’ll be issued with instructions about how to send your child’s handprint to The Alphabet Gift Shop, so it can begin designing this fantastic gift/product/memory.

Wow, that sounds great. Still it probably takes them ages to deliver it to you, right? Wrong. The T-shirt will be dispatched within two working days of the company receiving the handprint.
Price: £28 + £2.75 delivery on Not On The High Street

6. Join The Circus

Roll up, roll up for the most stressful show in town. One second, you’ll be juggling 16 different tasks, the next you’ll be trying to pull off an incredible feat of awe-inspiring wonder (read: attempting to keep your kid asleep while removing their jacket and shoes and transferring them from their car seat to the cot). And the next? You’ll be nodding knowingly at the mum or dad who is also sporting this T-shirt, and thus appreciates that #parenthood really is a big, old circus. Again, there are loads of colour options available.
Price: £19.99 + £2.49 delivery on Parent Bear or £19.99 + £3.50 delivery Amazon*

7. Fatherhood

What’s not to like about this dad T-shirt from Ellie Ellie? It’s simple. It gets the fact you are a dad across without being all up in other people’s faces. Oh, and it’s also pretty much the name of my website. Well, don’t just sit there. Buy, buy, buy and then advertise :-).
Price: £21 on Etsy

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