The Dad Test ft. DIY Daddy

Sound the new feature klaxon! In a bid to assess the ‘dadliness’ of celebrity dads and popular dad bloggers, I’ve created a fun, new Q&A called The Dad Test. Stepping up to the plate in week five: award-winning blogger, DIY expert and father of five, DIY Daddy.

DIY Daddy surrounded by his family

Q1. Have you ever messed up a nappy change?

“Yes, many times. One of the worst I can remember involved me putting my first child’s nappy on back to front. Needless to say, it leaked badly and I had to clean up a lot of poo.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q2. Have you ever fallen asleep while attempting to get your kids to sleep?

“Oh yes. When the twins were little, we used to give them a bottle on the sofa while we were watching TV. Once, I nodded off and woke up with a jolt as the baby started to slip from my grip. Fortunately, I was just in time to catch them. Sleep deprivation is a bitch.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q3. Have you ever got stuck in the soft play?

“Stuck, as in wedged? No. Stuck as in the girls won’t leave and I’m thinking I should have brought sleeping bags to stay the night? Yes!”
Dadliness rating: 0

Q4. Have you ever gone out/to work with milk stains on you?

“Yes, all the time. I often have moments when I am in town, look down and wonder what the stain on my fleece is. Then I realise that, as usual, it’s milk.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q5. Can you to the Baby Shark dance?

“I’ll be honest. I could not do it, and had no desire to find out how to do it, until I read this question. Then I asked the girls about it and they taught me. OMG! What an annoying song!”
Dadliness rating: 1

DIY Daddy, possibly after learning how to do the Baby Shark dance…

Q6. Have you ever made a parenting mistake and not told your wife?

“There were two such occasions and both involved one of my twin girls. The first time, I washed her eyes with Milton sterilising solution thinking it was boiled water. Happily, she was okay, but there was a huge moment of dread when I put the bottle back and realised that it wasn’t boiled water. The second time, I banged her head on a radiator as I was reaching for something. She cried a bit, but was over it quickly. I kept both incidents secret from my wife for at least 12 months before letting it slip out by accident. She was just a shade unhappy, but forgave me in time.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q7. Have you ever gone on a family holiday and forgotten to pack something really important?

“No, I’m not allowed to pack. My wife does it and writes lists, so we always have everything.”
Dadliness rating: 0

Q8. Have you ever been injured in the line of dad duty?

“On numerous occasions, with the one I remember the most vividly happening when my son was about 3 years old. He ran into my bedroom to say “good morning”, poked me in the eye and scratched my eyeball. I ended up in A&E! It was incredibly painful and took about two weeks to heal. I like to occasionally remind him of how he nearly blinded me, haha!”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q9. Have you ever smelt poo and realised that it was on you?

“No, I can’t say I have, but I have been to many a soft play centre, smelt poo and thought: ‘Change your kids nappy, they stink!’ That really annoys me.”
Dadliness rating: 0

Q10. What’s the worst substance you’ve ever had to clean out of the back of your car?

“Vomit. On one car journey, the girls were sick one after another. It absolutely stunk.”
Dadliness rating: 1

Q11. Tell us your best dad joke

“I hate dad jokes! They are not funny, so I avoid them like the plague.”
Dadliness rating: 0

Q12. Can you draw a dinosaur?

Dino by DIY Daddy

Father Hood says: A simplistic, but happy stegosaurus that looks a little like my son’s favourite cuddly toy.
Dadliness rating: 1

Final ‘dadliness’ score

A bad eye injury, hastily learned Baby Shark dance and back to front nappy help the extremely popular DIY Daddy to an impressive 8 points in The Dad Test. Check out his website and follow his social media pages via the links below.


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  1. Great dinosaur from Nigel there. Having to think about this but I think I have been fortunate to never have to clear vomit from the car.

    • You lucky, lucky man. Fancy giving the Dad Test a go, John? It would be great to add you to the list.

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