Coming soon: our Let It Go parody video

Father Hood & The Bubster during their Let It Go parody video shoot

And that’s a wrap. Apologies for being a bit quiet on the website over the last couple of days, the Bubster and I have been a significant distance outside of our comfort zone filming a music video for my Let It Go parody song.

Scene 17, take 25…

The video should be coming out in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, along with these behind the scenes pictures, I want to share three things with you:

  1. There is a reason why so few music videos feature toddlers. The Bubster was (and is) an absolute star, but keeping him interested while I fluffed several takes of each scene was a complete and utter nightmare.
  2. There is a reason why people employ huge teams to shoot music videos. How my insanely talented videographer @cansenuk managed to get everything shot in two days is beyond me. 
  3. I’ll never be a singer or an actor, but I am not sure that I care. This project isn’t about me attempting to break the music biz or Hollywood. It’s about me going out on a limb and doing something different in a bid to get my website/brand/social feeds/writing ability/creative talents noticed by a wider audience. Will it work? We’ll just have to wait and see. Right now, all I can tell you is I’m extremely tired, but extremely proud.
Let It Go, Let It Go…

Until next time…

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