Product review: Boot Buddy

A review of the Boot Buddy football boot cleaner

Forget Manchester United’s third kit, the Premier League’s new ball or Liverpool’s goalkeeper strip. If you ask any parent what the hottest football item on the planet is this season they will respond with two words: Boot Buddy.

The back story

The Boot Buddy story is actually a pretty good one. It was invented by two football-loving brothers (Aaron and Gaz), who were bored of their mum moaning at them for bringing mud into the house. After training one day, Aaron had a brainwave. He grabbed a water bottle, a plastic knife and a washing up brush, stuck them together and started scrubbing. And do you know what? It kind of worked.

Enthused, the boys had some professional designs drawn up and, after a couple of months of tweaking, pushed the button on a 3D prototype. It cleaned boots well, so they began selling it. A few years later, Aaron went on Dragons’ Den and walked out as the youngest person ever to receive backing from three of the show’s Dragons, with Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Touker Suleyman each giving the 15-year-old £20,000 for a 10% share in the business.

The current picture

Fast-forward a couple of years and an advert containing the below video popped up on my wife’s Facebook feed.

“We have to get this,” she decreed, probably because I hadn’t cleaned my son’s football trainers since we bought them sometime in 2018.

So, I went to buy it and… …wowsers, was this plastic bottle/washing up brush hybrid really £12.99 + £3.99 standard shipping on Boot Buddy, and £14.99 + £2.99 delivery on Amazon*? It was and it is.

But is it worth it?

All of which leaves you asking one question and one question alone: is it worth it? Honestly? The answer is yes. Not because, it’s cheaper than grabbing a toothbrush and sticking the boots under the sink, but for the following four reasons:

  1. The Boot Buddy is easy, and actually quite fun, to use (simply open the top, fill the compartment with 300ml of water, close the top, unscrew the end where the brush is and get scrubbing).
  2. It cleans boots quickly – in less than two minutes all the mud with be on the ground, and your kid’s now-clean boots will be in the back of your car.
  3. I actually use it to clean my son’s boots (as opposed to saying I will clean them, then leaving them in the car until the following weekend).
  4. Thanks to me using it, our car boot and house are cleaner, so my wife is happier, which makes me happier.

The bottom line

Yes, the Boot Buddy is more expensive than you’d think it would be, but it works well, it’s simple to use and, most importantly, it’ll get you in your partner’s good books.

Get it: From £12.99 + £3.99 shipping on Boot Buddy and £14.99 + £2.99 shipping on Amazon*.

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