Toy review: The Amazing Hoverball

Football crazy, nuts are we. We’re all football crazy. is less crazy, however, about the Bubster kicking footballs around inside the house, which is where The Amazing Hoverball comes in.

Floating footballs

We first discovered “floating footballs” during a visit to the world famous Hamleys on Regent Street, London. On that day, one of the store’s product display team was showcasing the Hover Kick and, from the Bubster’s perspective, it was love at first sight. He kicked it. He kicked it some more. And then he said the words that I was dreading: “Daddy, I want it.”

Cheaper online

I wasn’t dreading these words because of the product. I was dreading them because of the price. How shall I put this? Oh, I know. I’ve found everything my toddler has ever wanted to buy in Hamleys cheaper online. Floating footballs are no different. In Hamleys, the Hover Kick is £20. Online, you can find a selection of almost identical products, and some of them can be picked up for as little as £3.99*.

The Amazing Hoverball

But which of the many options did we go for? We went for The Amazing Hoverball**, and we went for it because someone gave it to my son for his birthday.

Like all the other floating footballs, The Amazing Hoverball has a foam edging that ensures your toddler won’t damage their foot or smash up the furniture and skirting boards when they kick it. And like all the other floating footballs, it’s really light and easy to use. Simply insert four AAs into the battery compartment and switch the power button to on. This sparks the gadget’s internal fan into life, and this enables it to glide across wooden floors, laminated floors and low pile carpets.

The bottom line

So, what does it all mean? It means that the Bubster now has an indoor “football” that we can mess around with, in any room, when the weather is too cold or rainy to go outside. Personally, I find this great, but it is important to state that the shape and extremely low weight of the gadget mean it’s more like kicking a frisbee than a football, so anyone who is planning to use it to teach their kid how to play the beautiful game may be sorely disappointed. Also, while it entertains my son (he’s just turned 3), it may well be “a bit lame” for slightly older kids.

Buyer’s guide

Price: £9.99 on eBay, £11.99 on Amazon**
Batteries: Requires 4 AAs, which are not included
Age: Recommended for 3+

*Google search conducted on 6 March 2019

**As an Amazon Associate, earns from qualifying purchases.

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