Dear Father Hood: what is’s Team Mum? is honoured to be part of’s Team Mum. But what exactly is this charitable conglomerate and why are we raising money for mums in rural Kenya?

All is revealed in the YouTube video at the bottom of this page, which sees’s Ellie Dawes answer these questions and more in a fascinating interview that reveals:

  • The issues faced by mums in rural Kenya
  • How intends to assist and educate these mothers
  • What you can do to help
  • That the UK government will aid match any donations received by 30 April 2019, meaning your donation would be doubled

Well, what are you waiting for? Have a watch, discover the good work is planning to do for mums in rural Kenya and help if you can 🙌.

The video you need to watch

Visit to find out even more and/or donate. Thanks in advance. was not paid for making the above video or writing this post.

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