Toy review: Chad Valley Talk and Touch T-Rex

Toddlers like toys and toddlers like dinosaurs. Thus, you would expect it to be ridiculously easy to find a fairly well-priced, fairly high-performing interactive dinosaur toy that’s aimed at a toddler. Sadly, it’s not.

Yes, there are loads of dinosaur figures. Yes, there are lots of dinosaur-themed games and jigsaw puzzles. And yes, there are thousands of books about dinosaurs. But you can pretty much count the number of interactive dinosaurs for toddlers that retail at under £20 on the fingers of one hand.

Talk and Touch T-Rex

Chad Valley’s Talk and Touch T-Rex is one of these. It’s available online for as little as £11, and has movable arms, eyes that light up, three sound-making buttons and a talk back button, which repeats whatever you say in a high-pitched squeal (watch the below video to discover how much I enjoy this feature).

The Bubster’s first word when he opened this toy was “blue”. This probably wasn’t the reaction Chad Valley was hoping for, but there’s no denying it is very blue.

Colour-deciphered, it was time to push the buttons. He started with the foot, which makes a very realistic stomping sound, before moving onto the stomach. According to the makers, this button is supposed to produce “eating sounds”, but, according to my ears, it was more like a gremlin talking trash and then breaking wind. The button on the back delivered a series of impressive roars, and then it was time for the main event – aka the talk back button.

Talk back joy

I’m not sure why a talk back button is included in a toy T-Rex, but bravo to whoever came up with the idea, because it’s easy to work (just hold down and speak), and the Bubster and I can’t get enough of it. Instructions at the dinner table? We orate them through the T-Rex. Attempts to hurry him out the front door? I make them via the T-Rex. Television programme demands? The Bubster issues them through our little blue friend.

The bottom line

So, what does it all mean? It means that, while Chad Valley’s Talk and Touch T-Rex might not be T-Rexy enough to get a bona fide dinosaur aficionado’s blood pumping, it is a great value and fun toy that will thoroughly satisfy a toddler who likes interactive gadgets and has a passing interest in scary things that roamed the Earth a long, long time ago.

Buyer’s guide

Price: £11 from Argos, also available at Amazon* and on eBay
Batteries: Requires 3 AAAs, which are not included
Age: Recommended for 3+

*As an Amazon Associate earns from qualifying purchases.

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