Father Hood’s games for entertaining toddlers – Milk Capsule Tower Building

Games for entertaining toddlers: milk capsule tower building

Hello, parent friends. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a way of entertaining a tired and hungry toddler at the dinner table without spending any money, reaching for a sugary snack or powering up a screen. If not stimulated, this toddler will self-destruct in five seconds…

Mission Impossible? If you’re asking about the words, yes, they are largely ripped off from the popular spy TV/film series. If you’re asking about the concept of entertaining a tired and hungry toddler without cash, treats or iPads, no, of course it’s not mission impossible.

Yesterday, for example, I found myself starting down the barrel of this very predicament. The clock was ticking. My son was getting agitated. My wife was staring at me in the way partner’s do when they want you to do something. And then… …a flash of inspiration. I rushed to the cafe’s condiments and cutlery counter, grabbed as many milk capsules as I could fit into my hands, sprinted back to the table and set about creating the latest entry in my series of games for entertaining toddlers.

Milk Capsule Tower Building

Milk Capsule Tower Building is a complicated game that involves blinking, mystery codewords, flying chickens, hand signals and subterfuge. Ha, got you. It’s actually a simple game that involves placing a bunch of milk capsules in front of your kid and challenging them to build a really big tower.

The Bubster demonstrates how to play Milk Capsule Tower Building  - the latest challenge in Father Hood's games for entertaining toddlers series

Is that it? It depends how long you need your toddler to sit still for. If it’s just a few minutes, then the basic Milk Capsule Tower Building game should see you through. If it’s a little bit longer, then you may need to shake things up by doing one of the following:

  • Inspiring them to build different structures – e.g. pyramids, bridges, arches.
  • Splitting the capsules into two groups and asking your toddler to count how many are in each group.
  • Taking your kid on in a one-on-one ‘Keep Adding More Capsules To The Structure And See Who Knocks It Over First’ parent vs toddler challenge (see video, below).

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