Why this dad is in Team Mum

Why this dad is in Team Mum

Huge news, people. After three long, hard years of changing nappies, riding roundabouts, attending baby classes and doing the nursery run, I’ve finally been welcomed into Team Mum.

It’s a massive moment for me, but it could be an even bigger moment for the men, women and children of rural Kenya. I say this, because Child.org’s Team Mum isn’t any old pram-pushing, park-dominating, Team Mum. It’s a very special charitable conglomerate that is raising money to fund much-needed pregnancy support groups in Kenya.

The distressing numbers

So why have I signed up to promote and support this cause? Honestly? It’s because of one harrowing statistic. Namely: that one out of every 26 babies that are born in Kenya dies before they reach their 1st birthday. That’s horrific. It’s horrible. It’s heartbreaking, but, as this video shows, it does not need to continue.

To repeat what the video said: Child.org’s Team Mum will use the money it’s raising to launch pregnancy support groups in the country – arming new mums with the health information and support they need to keep themselves and their babies safe. Better still, every £1 that is donated before 30 April will be doubled by the UK government, making it worth £2. Whoop whoop!

So, what are you waiting for? Join Team Mum with me. Give before 30 April and your donation will be matched by the UK government, so we can help twice as many families. child.org/teammum #teammum #UKAidMatch


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