If Toddlers Could Text: Dressing for winter

Dressing a toddler is never easy. If they’re naked, they don’t want to put on any underwear. If they’re in pants, they don’t want to wear socks. If they have pants and socks on, they don’t want to wear trousers. And so on. And so on.

But, as parents discover during the winter months, perhaps the toughest ‘dressing a toddler’ assignment of all involves attempting to get your little lady or gent to walk out of the house wearing a nice, warm and snug, sensible jacket. Take my son, for example. Thanks to having extremely generous grandparents, he has three winter jackets to choose from. But does he want to wear any of them in the great outdoors? Does he heck. He’d rather go for a winter walk in his jumper and jeans.

Still, he probably relents once he’s caught a cold and/or heard our arguments around why it might actually be a good idea to wear as many layers as possible when the temperature is hovering around zero, right? Wrong. He digs his feet further and further into the ground over the course of a meandering, frustrating and patience-testing conversation that goes a little something this…

I know. I KNOW. It is like I’ve been listening to you and your kid talking. And that’s because, cue sinister music, I have. Not really. It’s because a) I’m raising a belligerent toddler who does stuff that other belligerent toddlers do and b) I’m a genius who “just gets parenting” (My mum, 13 August 2017).

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