Toddler Christmas Day Bingo

In an attempt to prove once and for all that is the gift that keeps giving, I’ve come up with another parenting game. This one’s called Toddler Christmas Day Bingo, and it’s played like so:

  1. Print out the bingo card at the top of the article.
  2. Put it in the pocket of your Christmas Day trousers, jeans, skirt, onesie or boiler suit.
  3. Take it out of your pocket and cross off each entry as and when your kid does it.
  4. Shout “toddler” the very second you complete your Toddler Christmas Day Bingo card.
  5. There is no five, that’s it.

Comprendez? Fantastic, then all that remains for me to say is good luck, happy playing and Merry Christmas. May your family have a great one and your toddler behave well enough to keep this game going until well into the afternoon. 


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