Funny parenting GIF: the 3am cot stagger

I tend to view myself as a pretty co-ordinated fellow. But when you add extreme sleep deprivation to darkness chaos ensues. I know this, because the above funny parenting GIF is an almost 100% accurate recreation of the walking into door frames, banging into each other, stubbing our toes on the end of the bed, kneeing side tables and lamps carnage that occurs whenever my wife and I are summoned to our son’s room at 3am (or some other ungodly time of the morning).

In fact, the only real differences between this clip and our nocturnal movements are a) that the only Ironman my wife or I have come close to completing is the one that sees you get an average of five hours’ sleep a night for three years, b) that our pyjamas DO NOT look like this and c) that, unlike the ladies in this funny parenting GIF, neither my wife or I actually wants to win the race to my son’s cot.

Laugh. Share. Watch again. Laugh again. Share again. Repeat. You know it makes sense.

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