If Toddlers Could Text: I Want

Hello everyone. I want to inform you that my son has reached the ‘I Want’ stage. And I thought the best way of doing this was through my soon-to-be award-winning ‘If Toddlers Could Text’ series. Read this new entry (above), laugh, like, find it on my Facebook page and then share, share, share. I thank you in advance.


  1. I have some inquiries in the nature of our first and only child (so far) but more so directed towards the mother. the woman i once knew is no longer there. which i read a lot about changes… (everyone does) but mostly for the betterment of the child and family. ive read articles from postpardom depression, to bi-polar. I’m trying to talk to people but dont know exactly how to approach it. find solutions.. help? all of it. our son is turning 2 in 3 months and we couldnt be happier with him. but its the “us” that needs help because everyone knows you cant tell a woman (or a man) that they are just bat sh*t crazy. (i know… i tried!) if theres an article or blog i missed or any kind words… knowledge… ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Ryan, thanks for getting in touch, and I’m really sorry to hear about your situation. I haven’t written anything about this type of thing (bar continually going on about having the same argument at 3am over and over again). I did, however, find this link – https://www.self.com/story/marriage-after-baby – and this thread – https://www.reddit.com/r/Parenting/comments/356hbl/since_having_our_first_child_my_wife_has_been/ – that may be useful/show you that you are most definitely not alone.
      Another option that might help would be joining an online dad community like The Dadsnet’s Closed Group (ignore the name, I think it’s open to all members of the Dadsnet) or NEW DADS PLACE, a *Dads Only* Supportive Dads Group. I’m a member of both groups Facebook pages and they often feature messages from dads who are having a tough time. Universally, these messages are met with lots of supportive comments, and often some of these are from men who are going (or have gone) through the same thing.

      Hope this helps in some way, shape or form, and you manage to find the support or knowledge you need.

      Thanks, Stuart

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