Have you subscribed to YouTube’s favourite double act?

What’s updated at least twice a week, is guaranteed to make you smile and nearly has enough subscribers to claim its own URL? Too slow, the answer is Father-Hood & The Bubster’s YouTube channel.

Hold on. Are you talking about THE Father-Hood & The Bubster? As in, the dad and son who do Live From The Nursery Run? The guys who, give or take a couple of million subscribers, are basically YouTube’s favourite double act?

Yes, that’s exactly who I am talking about. And I’m talking about them because YouTube’s favourite double act have been busy doing what they do best over the last few weeks. Which means? It means working hard, it means constantly trying to evolve their offering, it means singing, smiling and laughing. But, most of all, it means producing fabulous content like…

Dizzy Daddy

Oh no, they didn’t. Oh yes, they did. If you’ve never thought about jumping on a play park roundabout and getting really dizzy, are you even the parent of a small child?

Live From The Nursery Run

The boys’ flagship show, Father-Hood & The Bubster Live From The Nursery Run, is going from strength to strength right now. The below ‘books special’ episode was even retweeted by Michael Rosen of We’re Going On A Bear Hunt fame. Ooh, check them out. Also, check it out.

Games For Entertaining Toddlers

Keeping toddlers entertained isn’t easy, but Father-Hood has a plan that involves shoving them in front of an iPad for hours on end. Only joking. It actually involves coming up with a plethora of fun games you can play with your kids at home, on the beach or out for lunch.

Toilet Roll Tower Smash

Toddler Versus Sand Dune

Plastic Cutlery Table Football


And if the above isn’t enough for you? Then don’t despair, because the boys have loads more great content coming over the next few weeks, months and years.

Well, what are you waiting for? Click here and subscribe to the channel before YouTube’s favourite double act jump the shark and start collaborating with Kim and Kanye. We promise you won’t regret it.

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