The Kid Who Dropped His Nap

Guess what, folks? My son has now reached the stage where he doesn’t need to nap every day. Negatively, this means I no longer have an hour a day to spend messing around on Twitter. Positively, it’s enabled me to come up with a song that fits with the tune of The Grand Old Duke Of York. It’s called The Kid Who Dropped His Nap and it’s published above. Enjoy. Share. Sing. Smile.


  1. Ah, nap dropping. A blessign as you no longer had the day split in two halves. A curse, as you have to entertain them for longer. be warned, my eldest started wanting a nap again a few months before she started school.

    • So you’re saying the nap could return… right now, it feels like that would be a very good thing, but I appreciate the blessing of not having the day cut in two halves, as you say.

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