The Kid Who Dropped His Nap

Guess what, folks? My son has now reached the stage where he doesn’t need to nap every day. Negatively, this means I no longer have an hour a day to spend messing around on Twitter. Positively, it’s enabled me to come up with a song that fits with the tune of The Grand Old Duke Of York. It’s called The Kid Who Dropped His Nap and it’s published above. Enjoy. Share. Sing. Smile.


  • Ah, nap dropping. A blessign as you no longer had the day split in two halves. A curse, as you have to entertain them for longer. be warned, my eldest started wanting a nap again a few months before she started school.

    • stuarthoodlimited

      So you’re saying the nap could return… right now, it feels like that would be a very good thing, but I appreciate the blessing of not having the day cut in two halves, as you say.

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