When is my kid going to start walking?

First thing’s first. The age your baby is when he or she starts walking is not a competition, so there’s absolutely no need to worry if they seem slightly slow to get off the mark. Although, that said, my son began staggering around the house at 10 months, so if your little one has passed that landmark, then I win, I win, I WIN!

Sorry, I’m not sure what came over me. Oh I know – it was the natural parenting instinct of wanting your kids to be the fastest, strongest, cleverest and cutest kid on the block. It’s an instinct that’s understandable, but one that can see parents get all worked up about stuff when there is absolutely no need to. (Full disclosure: my needless worrying rap sheet includes: my little man being slow to use cutlery at home, that he wasn’t potty trained early enough, that he was still drinking milk from a bottle at the age of two and the fact that he was not quite able to swim at 2.5.)

Walking the walk

But enough about my child-rearing insecurities and back to your potentially pointless fretting. The chances are you’re reading this article because a few of your friends’ kids have begun sticking one foot in front of the other and you’re concerned that your little one is viewing the transition from crawling to walking as a marathon rather than a sprint. But here’s the thing. Although this kid walked at six months and most kids can walk by 15 months, the NHS’ development timeline only advises that you take your kid to a doctor if he or she still isn’t walking at 18 months. Thus if your kid is younger than this then you have absolutely nothing to panic about.

Satisfied? Of course you aren’t, so here are a few other things that you might want to know…

  1. There is little correspondence between late walking and lower intelligence in later life.
  2. Spending more time barefoot can help a child learn to walk.
  3. Although medical experts dispute the benefit of bouncers like the Original Jolly Jumper, my son loved his and I’m convinced it gave him the leg strength to walk early.
  4. Some people believe that kids who bottom shuffle rather than crawl walk later.
  5. Mom 365 has some cool ideas for games that may also help your kid to walk.

Got all that? Great, then all that remains to be said is good luck, stay calm and thanks for reading. Until next time…



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