The Fireman Sam quiz

I love Fireman Sam and I heart quizzes, so it was only a matter of time before these two worlds collided. That coming together occurred today and I’m excited to reveal that the result of this crash is the first ever Fireman Sam quiz.

Great tangled hoses, can it really be true? It is true. This article is not a dream or a training drill featuring ‘Dolly’ the mannequin. It is a bona fide, red-hot quizzing emergency that tastes as good as Bella Lasagne’s pizzas, sounds as good as Elvis and Mike’s band and looks as good as the treasure Penny recovered from the wreckage of the Pontypandy Pearl.

Well, don’t just sit there. Turn off the gas, move the fireworks away from the portable heater, position a bucket of sand next to your laptop and get going. The Fireman Sam quiz contains 15 pictures. Each of these images features a resident of Pontypandy, and all you have to do is state their surname.

Let’s get quizzical

On the face of it, this task is as simple as the washing machine issue Bronwyn called Mike about. But we all know that ended in an emergency rescue from a flooded cellar, so it’s probably best that you stay focused, take one question at a time and try to avoid celebrating your correct answers in a manner that might knock a candle into some flammable rags or rip a section of pipe off the wall.

Got all that? Fantastic. If you get 13 or more correct answers, I suggest you celebrate with a trip to the Whole Fish Cafe. If you get 7-12, I suggest you munch one of Trevor’s pork pies. And if you get six or less, I suggest you punish yourself with a jar of Dilys’ half-price gherkins.

Good luck. Happy quizzing. See you next post.

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  1. As a Dad of girls who aren’t generally a fireman Sam fan, but loving it myself as a kid back in the day, I surprised myself even though only knowing a few I’m surprised I knew of any at all. Great quiz bud, loving the fireman Sam related text.

    • Ha, thanks. My son and I love Fireman Sam, so there are a few articles about the show and its stars on the site!

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