My latest YouTube round-up

Hello, hello, we’re all busy people, so I’ll keep my latest YouTube round-up short and to the point. Since I last mentioned my official YouTube channel, the Bubster and I have been beavering away producing some tip-top parenting content along the lines of:

Baking with the Bubster

Will this become a must-watch series? Can my kitchen withstand such a sugary barrage on a such a regular basis? Time with tell. All I know right now is a) we should have used self-raising flour in this opening effort…

…and b) we should have gone out and bought eggs before making this second attempt.

That said, the first cake tasted go-oo-od, and the gardeners liked the second one so much they came back for third helpings. Moral of the story? Never judge a cake by the fact it measures less than 5cm in height or doesn’t contain eggs.

Father-Hood & the Bubster Versus…

I can see this franchise appearing in another YouTube round-up or ten (video at top of the article). The idea is simple – the Bubster and I embark on a challenge of some form or other. It could be attempting to finish a puzzle (unlikely). It could be trying to get through a meal without dropping several spoons of food down our front, escaping from our high chair and demanding to watch Paw Patrol (even less likely). Or, as in this particular episode, it could be us putting together a flatpack slide armed with just one Allen key and 30-35 minutes of concentration.

Toddler parkour

My son’s attitude to life? See something, climb it, jump off. Simples.

Father-Hood & The Bubster Find Free Entertainment In London

According to Elvis, breaking up is hard to do. According to most parents, getting you and your kids in and out of London without spending more than a quarter of your monthly wage is even more difficult. Step forward Father-Hood and his sometimes-willing assistant. These wide-eyes mavericks are climbing on a choo-choo train to the nation’s capital, then hitting the famous South Bank on the hunt for free entertainment. Will they find any? Spoiler alert: the answer is yes, plenty.


And that’s it for this YouTube round-up. Hope you enjoyed the content, hope you take the hint and subscribe to my YouTube channel and hope you all have a fantastic week.

Until next time…

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